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the girl in the spotlight

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Client: Mauritshuis, The Hague

Project: Design of glass enclosure for public examination of Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”

The Mauritshuis invited scientist from all over the world for an in-depth examination of Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. In a temporary studio the newest scan technology was applied in public for two weeks long to find out more about the materials and the layers of Vermeer’s iconic painting.

The shape of the glass encounter is inspired by historic folding screens. February 26 – March 11 2018

Graphic and interactive design by Yvonne van Versendaal and Ehud Neuhaus. Built by Kloosterboer Decor. Movie by Ivo Hoekstra, photographs by Ivo Hoekstra and Ehud Neuhaus


Lân fan taal, Leeuwarden 2018

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Client: Province of Fryslan

Project: Interior design of the visitor centre Obe, Leeuwarden

Lân fan taal is a free-state for all languages. In the framework of Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture 2018, Lân fan taal offers a podium for all kind of languages, including Frisian, but also slang, Braille, sign and body language, as well as dance, music and poetry. The visitor centre Obe is the portal to Lân fan taal.

The Wall of Languages with his revolving cubes visualizes the inconceivable amount of nearly 7000 living, recognized languages worldwide. Pinpointing your own language on these big walls is a way of defining your position in this world and realizing that your linguistic background is one of thousands of cultures to interact with.


Interior design by Archetypisch. Graphic design by Studio Louter.

Architecture by Powerhouse Company. Neons by Tim Etchells.


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Fascination with Persepolis

Client: Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden

Project: Spatial and graphic design for temporary exhibition

From the fourteenth century on European travellers, photographers and scholars made the long journey to present-day Iran to visit Persepolis, one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in the ancient world. The exhibition shows their impressions captured in drawings, photographs and writings, based on the book by Corien Vuurman. 2017


slow food

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Client: Mauritshuis, The Hague

Project: Exhibition design of SLOW FOOD, Still Lifes of the Golden Age. The color scheme is inspired by the colors of an artichoke: from darker to lighter green to pink-purple in the heart. The earlier still lifes are hanging on the shades of green, whereas the late monochrome paintings are displayed on purple. The exhibition walls in various heights create intimate cabinets where visitors can zoom in on all the delicacies. The exhibition guide provides deeper information and includes an ingredient list!

March 9 – June 25 2017

Graphic design Kathrin Hero

Construction Fiction Factory, Amsterdam
Lighting Advisor Hans Wolff & Partners, Amsterdam
Print Exhibition Rijnja, Amsterdam
Print Guides Pantheon drukkers, Velsen-Noord

Photography Ivo Hoekstra

bible foundation

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Client: Gereformeerde Bijbelstichting/Reformed Bible Foundation, Leerdam

Project: Exhibition design of permanent collection of the foundation.

A walk through the history of bible translations displaying the impressive bible collection from 1477 until today. 2016.

In association with www.museummind.nl

Book supports by Mark de Graaff  http://artefactmontage.nl/

water treasure

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Client: Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier regional water board

Project: Exhibition design of permanent collection for water board in its new office building in Heerhugowaard. 2011

This exhibition emphasizes contrasts within the collection, with fine crystal glasses used by directors placed alongside rough tools for building dikes. Such objects symbolize the inner and outer worlds of the institution in its centuries-old struggle against the water.

In association with suopulab.nl

Object mounting by Mark de Graaff  http://artefactmontage.nl/


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Client: Rijksmuseum van Oudheden/The Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden

Project: Exhibition design of Carthage, presenting the history and archaeological treasures of one of the most legendary cities in the ancient world. 

On behalf of Architectenbureau Jowa


Photographs: Mike Bink Fotografie



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Client: Rijksgebouwendienst/Government Buildings Agency, Cultural Heritage of North Holland

Project: Design of information system that updates visitors on the castle’s renovation. 2010

A system of boards and weathering steel installations enables passers-by to zoom in on all kinds of details about the renovation process, such as the type of bricks and plaster used, the treatment of vegetation, or the bats living in the castle walls.

In association with Yvonne van Versendaal and Madelinde Hageman


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Client: Dutch Doc Photo Foundation/Tropenmuseum Amsterdam

Project: Exhibition design for Dutch Doc Award, a biennial prize for documentary photography, that presented work by the 6 nominees in 2013. The design, featuring a colour gradation on the walls from white to dark grey, was enhanced by a light installation made up of a cloud of neon tubes that vary in light intensity.

In association with SuopuLab and Yvonne van Versendaal



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Client: Zuiderkerk Information Centre, Amsterdam

Project: Design and production of exhibition. 2009

Within the framework of the 4th International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam/Amsterdam, nine young urban design offices developed proposals for nine metropolitan locations in Amsterdam. The Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam presented studies, sketches and models of these ‘spaces for freedom and change’ in an exhibition landscape composed of scaffolding and fabric.

In association with Yvonne van Versendaal www.yv2.nl