Lân fan taal, Leeuwarden 2018

Client: Province of Fryslan

Project: Interior design of the visitor centre Obe, Leeuwarden

Lân fan taal is a free-state for all languages. In the framework of Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture 2018, Lân fan taal offers a podium for all kind of languages, including Frisian, but also slang, Braille, sign and body language, as well as dance, music and poetry. The visitor centre Obe is the portal to Lân fan taal. At Obe you can see every recognised, living language in an installation of 6720 languages in alphabetical order: the pixelwall.

Interior design by Archetypisch. Graphic design by Studio Louter.

Architecture by Powerhouse Company. Neons by Tim Etchells.

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