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Julius caesar

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Client: H’ART Museum Amsterdam

Assignment: concept and 3d design for temporary exhibition

How should Julius Caesar – a white, male, dominant conqueror – be staged in today’s museum? The first exhibition in H’ART museum – formerly known as Hermitage Amsterdam – tries to unravel the myths and reality around Caesar, with its highlights and its dark sides.

The exhibition design aims to shed a new light on the controversial hero by treating Caesar like a brand, comparable to global products like Coca-Cola. The use of advertisement aesthetics with scaffolding, banners, blow-ups and illuminated letters evokes a certain irony and creates distance to the historical subject.

The six-meter-tall theatrical scenery emphasizes the intimidating grandeur of Caesar. The distinct choice of materials and intentional differences in scale reflect the intrinsic contradictions of “Caesar” the brand. Rough metal versus soft banners, contemporary scaffold versus age-old marble statues. This approach invites visitors to form new opinions on a complex historical character.

Graphic design by Glamcult Studio, Marline Bakker – scaffold by Interstage – light letters by welovecolor.nl – banners by PPS Imaging – prints by Riwi Collotype – photography by Mike Bink

cameos – Miniature masterpieces

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Cameos are gems carved in relief, showing an image of one colour on a surface of a contrasting colour. As decorative stones in rings, necklaces or earrings, those small pieces of jewellery were very popular in the Roman Empire.

RMO recently acquired a collection of those miniature masterpieces and asked Archetypisch to design a treasury-like room that underlines their uniqueness and exceptionally high quality.

Like the gems themselves, the space is built up in layers of light and dark. White glass panels are framing black showcases displaying the cameos. The panels resemble antique marble but couldn’t be more contemporary: The glass is made of 100% recycled glass waste and can be returned to the glass production cycle after use.

To bring out the relationship between the jewellery and the human body, Archetypisch commissioned Scheltens & Abbenes to make a clip for the exhibition. The models are not from flesh and bones though, it’s the antique sculptures collection of the museum who are the mannequins for the shoot. The bright marble skin carrying the luxurious jewels creates the ambiance of ultimate beauty and glamour.

Spatial design & film concept Archetypisch | Graphic design Esther de Vries | Film Scheltens & Abbenes | Light Chris Pype | Construction Fiction factory | Showcases Glascom | Installation AV Technodesk | Glass panels Magna Glaskeramik | Prints Riwi Collotype

Photography Mike Bink

November 2022

Byblos – The World’s Most Ancient Port

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Client: Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden

Project: Spatial design for temporary exhibition

Byblos is a major exhibition about the world’s most ancient port in Lebanon. Five hundred objects from the collections of various internationally renowned museums are bearing witness to Byblos’ archaeological and cultural richness. The town situated on the coast of present-day Lebanon played an extraordinary role in the Mediterranean and Middle East from 3000 BC, thanks to the trade in cedar wood. The exposition is designed as a pop-up book, featuring a collection of famous tales from antiquity that took place in or near Byblos. The tales are illustrated by Karst-Janneke Rogaar. Gods and inhabitants of Byblos and the cedar trees are cut-out in life-size and bring the city to life.

Graphic design by Kathrin Hero, illustrations by Karst-Janneke Rogaar

Construction by Koert Verberne en Bouwko Landstra, panel production by Heijmerink Wagemakers

Cedar wood scent by the Snifferoo

Photo 4, 6 and 12  by Kathrin Hero, photographs 7, 9, 11, 13-15, 17 by Arie de Leeuw

October 2022 – March 2023

Books that made history

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Client: Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden

Project: Spatial design for temporary exhibition

A selection of 25 scientific books that influence our lives until today: Galilei, Boerhaave, Linnaeus, Einstein, Doesburg and many more. All books have a strong connection with the academic history of the city of Leiden and its university library. The universal meaning and value of the books is reflected in the exhibition design that treats the objects like jewels: perfectly lit and displayed in a blue surrounding, their appearance and visions still fill us with wonder.

Graphic design: Kathrin Hero

Banners: Riwi Collo Type, book mounts by Bouwko Landstra en Koert Verberne

Photography Mike Bink

In collaboration with UB Leiden

at home with jordaens

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Client: Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem

Project: Spatial design for temporary exhibition

Centre piece of the exhibition on the Flemish Baroque painter Jacob Jordaens is the reconstruction of his show room which used to be in his house in Antwerp. For the first time the nine ceiling paintings are shown in Holland in a reconstruction with a temporary twist: Jordaens wanted to overwhelm his clients with a richly decorated room, we added the mirrorfloor for an immersive experience. The mirrorfloor creates a fascinating new perspective on the ceiling paintings and activates visitors immediately to engage with the room and the artworks.

Paintings on loan from Phoebus Foundation, Antwerp

Graphic design by Kathrin Hero, built by Fiction Factory, wall prints by Watjeziet, light by 50lux, art handling by aorta.be

Photography Arie de Leeuw, Anika Ohlerich. last picture Frouke de Leeuw

October 15 2021 – May 8 2022


temples of malta

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Client: Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden

Project: Spatial design for temporary exhibition

The exhibition Temples of Malta presents Malta’s rich prehistoric culture, a world of temples, tombs and mysterious stone figures. We look back to these ancient times (3600-2500 BC) using contemporary high-tech: Robot cameras hovering over the temple models on eye-level create a monumental live projection that gives the impression of walking through the actual sites.

Another live camera zooms in on one of the so called ‘fat ladies’, enlarging her prehistoric face and underlining the universal and timeless quality of human features.

Visual backbone of the exhibition are the wall banners in a color gradient from dark to light red ochre, the pigment found in tombs and on the stone figures.

Concept and spatial design: Archetypisch

Graphic design: Esther de Vries

Robot camera installation: Uif Putters

Graphic production: Riwi Collotype

Colour gradient by Rosa de Kruif

we built this city on rock and roll

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Client: Van Eesteren Museum, Amsterdam

Project: Photo compilation and design for temporary exhibition

“We built this city on Rock and roll” shows photographs of the music heroes of the 60/70s shot by Gijsbert Hanekroot, a pioneer of rock music photography.

A black stage creates an extra floor in the museum, offering a whole new perspective on the beautiful pavilion. Climbing up the stairway to heaven, the visitors find themselves eye to eye with David Bowie, Blondie, The Who, Nina Hagen and many more. As the stage is made of rented scaffolding material and the black fabric is being re-used, our design scores high on sustainability.

Graphic design: Cecilia Hendrikx

Sponsored by Patkel, Voordekunst, AFK, VSB fonds

Mounting by Artefact Montage en Tirza Mol



Cyprus, a dynamic island

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Cyprus, A Dynamic Island

Client: Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden

Project: Spatial design for temporary exhibition

Cyprus was one of the most important hubs of ancient cultures in the Mediterranean. Thanks to its strategic location, the island has been at the centre of constant movements of people, sovereigns, religions and exchanges of goods. This dynamic scenario takes place in front of a background that always stayed the same: the nature of the island, brilliantly captured by the photography of Natascha Libbert. The combination of photography and archeological collection puts the objects in the context where they come from and shows the timeless beauty of Cypriot art.

Graphic design: Kathrin Hero

Photography: Natascha Libbert, Rob Overmeer, Archetypisch

Built by Fiction factory, graphics by Riwi Collo Type, animations Menno Schrap

the girl in the spotlight

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Client: Mauritshuis, The Hague

Project: Design of glass enclosure for public examination of Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”

The Mauritshuis invited scientist from all over the world for an in-depth examination of Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. In a temporary studio the newest scan technology was applied in public for two weeks long to find out more about the materials and the layers of Vermeer’s iconic painting.

The shape of the glass encounter is inspired by historic folding screens. February 26 – March 11 2018

Graphic and interactive design by Yvonne van Versendaal and Ehud Neuhaus. Built by Kloosterboer Decor. Movie by Ivo Hoekstra, photographs by Ivo Hoekstra and Ehud Neuhaus


Lân fan taal, Leeuwarden 2018

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Client: Province of Fryslan

Project: Interior design of the visitor centre Obe, Leeuwarden

Lân fan taal is a free-state for all languages. In the framework of Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture 2018, Lân fan taal offers a podium for all kind of languages, including Frisian, but also slang, Braille, sign and body language, as well as dance, music and poetry. The visitor centre Obe is the portal to Lân fan taal.

The Wall of Languages with his revolving cubes visualizes the inconceivable amount of nearly 7000 living, recognized languages worldwide. Pinpointing your own language on these big walls is a way of defining your position in this world and realizing that your linguistic background is one of thousands of cultures to interact with.


Interior design by Archetypisch. Graphic design by Studio Louter.

Architecture by Powerhouse Company. Neons by Tim Etchells.