Julius caesar

Client: H’ART Museum Amsterdam

Assignment: concept and 3d design for temporary exhibition

How should Julius Caesar – a white, male, dominant conqueror – be staged in today’s museum? The first exhibition in H’ART museum – formerly known as Hermitage Amsterdam – tries to unravel the myths and reality around Caesar, with its highlights and its dark sides.

The exhibition design aims to shed a new light on the controversial hero by treating Caesar like a brand, comparable to global products like Coca-Cola. The use of advertisement aesthetics with scaffolding, banners, blow-ups and illuminated letters evokes a certain irony and creates distance to the historical subject.

The six-meter-tall theatrical scenery emphasizes the intimidating grandeur of Caesar. The distinct choice of materials and intentional differences in scale reflect the intrinsic contradictions of “Caesar” the brand. Rough metal versus soft banners, contemporary scaffold versus age-old marble statues. This approach invites visitors to form new opinions on a complex historical character.

Graphic design by Glamcult Studio, Marline Bakker – scaffold by Interstage – light letters by welovecolor.nl – banners by PPS Imaging – prints by Riwi Collotype – photography by Mike Bink

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