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temples of malta

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Client: Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden

Project: Spatial design for temporary exhibition

The exhibition Temples of Malta presents Malta’s rich prehistoric culture, a world of temples, tombs and mysterious stone figures. We look back to these ancient times (3600-2500 BC) using contemporary high-tech: Robot cameras hovering over the temple models on eye-level create a monumental live projection that gives the impression of walking through the actual sites.

Another live camera zooms in on one of the so called ‘fat ladies’, enlarging her prehistoric face and underlining the universal and timeless quality of human features.

Visual backbone of the exhibition are the wall banners in a color gradient from dark to light red ochre, the pigment found in tombs and on the stone figures.

Concept and spatial design: Archetypisch

Graphic design: Esther de Vries

Robot camera installation: Uif Putters

Graphic production: Riwi Collotype

Colour gradient by Rosa de Kruif